Specifications Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus and J7 Core

27 Feb 2018 10:57

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus and J7 Core - So unfortunate smartphone is not using the Snapdragon chipset chipset 835. Although actually it is among the most well chipset and the fastest in th. 2017. As a result of those interested must think about 2 x previously bought LG G6. Because there is still Samsung Galaxy S8 which has added performance as well as notabennya have a more complete feature. Even according to our design Galaxy S8 plus more futuristic design than the notabennya Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus equidistant with konveisional smartphone normally.

But in th. 2017 Sony has launched with the larger screen size and the addition of specification in some establishments the successor to the Xperia L. Where monitor measurement is 5. 5-inch spread and adopts an IPS panel display monitor that allows Sony Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus to deliver all content with stunning visual quality. To improve the sharpness of the monitor, Sony completes with IPS panel HD display resolution 720 x 1280 pixels, to monitor the density of 277 ppi penetrate.

Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy J7 Core antigores arrangement is not protected, so we must give a screen protector and tempered glass. Then, for the design, this smartphone is wrapped in a plastic body with a length of 151 mm, a width of 74 mm, a thickness of 8 7 mm, and a weight of 180 grams of total range. Behind the body was embedded with a capacity of 2 620 mAh battery. The battery capacity is small for the size of 5. 5 inch screen smartphone. That price is still able to switch dependent condition of the goods and the location of points of sale. That is all the info about the price Samsung Galaxy J7 Core, Hopefully this info can be useful to you.

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