Full Review Smartphone Oppo F1s 4GB RAM

08 Feb 2017 13:19
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Full Review Smartphone Oppo F1s 4GB RAM - Given OnePlus One house of the Snapdragon 801 SoC and comes with 3GB of RAM, we did not experience any lagging or stuttering while using the device. Animations are smooth and we did not experience a slowdown device even open some applications, more than 20 tabs Chrome and so forth. Update we tested it on was Harga Oppo F1s RAM 4GB. As you can see from the score above, One score comparable to that seen on the iPhone 6, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The call quality is quite good in the room and there is no distortion in the earpiece speaker. But when outdoors in the traffic situation, the high volume levels will still not managed to reduce ambient noise. There are many occasions when the phone receives a call to switch to speaker phone and we had to turn it off manually. In OnePlus forum, this is a matter that is being discussed. Hopefully this issue will be discussed in the next system update, although we are not sure if it was a software problem

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