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Full Review Sony Xperia X Ultra - 06 May 2017 03:48

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Full Review Sony Xperia X Ultra - Besides, the iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with a powerful trigger kitchen. Apple acquired chip in this phone series that is the chipset of Apple A9 Dual Core driven at a speed of 2 GHz and is made with 14 nanometer fabrication and architecture of 64 Bit. The use of cutting-edge technology on the smartphone is indeed feasible to make the price of the iPhone 6s Plus in bandrol expensive, especially in it also prepared a capacity of 2 GB Ram which makes the performance of the iPhone 6s Plus faster and responsive.

Sony Xperia X Ultra

The advantages of this phone is no 3D Touch Display technology, so the wearer can move the various features and applications currently monitors more powerful choke. With the exception of features, Apple also increase the power of the camera as well as a kitchen trigger this smartphone, until the automatic ability to exceed its predecessor. Even for the kitchen performance trigger the iPhone 6s Plus mentioned having equivalent performance processor on a PC desktop.

Asus Zenfone Zoom S

First, launch Apple's iPhone 6 smartphone generation with their numerous variants. But, for the series of Apple iPhone 6 have 6 types of phone that has sold marketed the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB, 64GB iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus 16GB, 64GB iphone 6, iphone 6 and iPhone 6 16GB to 128GB. Hp with qualified quality that's for sure become the target of many fanboy. Of all the series was the highest specifications, namely the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB.

Vivo V5s - Comments: 0

Full Review Smartphone BlackBerry Aurora - 14 Apr 2017 13:05


Full Review Smartphone BlackBerry Aurora - Regarding the resolution of the monitor has a size of 720 x 1280 pixels with a density of 294 ppi. Monitor, Display AMOLED panel which promises to deliver quality images with crisp and clear visuals. Blackberry provide three color options that are divided into gold, black and silver colors. All three are combined with bertexture rear casing that makes it more comfortable to operate.

But the opportunity for one-handed operation will find it quite difficult, because this smartphone has a large enough monitor, and the body has a length of 152 mm, a width of 76. 8 mm, thickness of 8. 5 mm, and weighs 178 grams reach. Monitor was also coated scratch resistant and stain glass and has a lower energy consumption than on a smartphone IPS monitors usually. Then to the field of photography, the smartphone is entrusted resolution 13 Megapixel rear camera with Phase Detection Autofocus feature.

Feature that makes shots pictures look sharper and produce pictures rich in color and look more realistic. For the problem of recording video, this smartphone can also record Full HD 1080p @ 30fps. Interestingly, in the back of the Harga Blackberry Aurora also installed LED Flash Dual Tone feature which is useful for reducing noise when taking pictures in low light circumstances as well as at night.

As for the front side, the smartphone is entrusted the 8 Megapixel camera with LED flash feature. Armed with features that dipunyainya, certainly all events can be perpetuated excellence and produce high-quality photo that looks sharp, detailed, clear, and realistic. Well that is not less interesting, so Aurora Blackberry Blackberry smartphone has features the world's first Dual Sim. - Comments: 0

Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 Ful Review - 12 Apr 2017 18:05


Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 Ful Review - To that end, Samsung provide Galaxy On7 Pro with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh Lithium Ion battery. The power supply is fairly large for the specifications of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro is, and will be able to run the activities during the day for fair use. Well, while for the supply of POWERBANK of course be very helpful if the comrade Begawei perform a full outdoor activities away from the power source. Nevertheless, it appears to the specifications of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro is there, it does not include an absolute obligation.

Pro brings the concept seems there needs to be an increase of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro. If you look at the concept of smart phones with 4G network and 5.5-inch screen seems to be able to make these devices included in the special class. If you look at the various sectors of the Samsung Galaxy Pro On7 seems is not much that can be considered negative. Especially if frills operating system that uses the latest Android OS Marshmallow included in the determination of the criteria.

Of course it is able to make the Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 need pinned title of the best of the best. Unfortunately for the class of the best feature phones, the device is still reluctant to embed premium features. Because the Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro still uses TFT display technology that is already well known among lovers of old school smart phone. However, there's good friend Begawei regard to chart excess On7 Samsung Galaxy Pro and Samsung Galaxy On7 shortage Pro below yes.

This time Samsung ready to tempt consumers with the price of Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro which is still fairly affordable for tough specifications. Well, mid-range phone that comes with a 5.5 inch screen stretch was carrying the HD standard resolution. But for a given display remains good and give a comfortable dish in the eyes of the user. In addition to the display of the Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, for the kitchen runway Samsung infuse engine to deliver optimum performance, namely the Snapdragon chipset 410 that works with power Quad-core processor 1.2 GHz. - Comments: 0

Price Of Android Infinix Ful - 07 Apr 2017 01:48


Price Of Android Infinix Ful - Marketing is done by means of internet media is indeed is still determined many vendors termask also Infinix, this kind of thing in because it can save cost of operations to make the price of the phone Infinix in Indonesia can be called quite cheap and affordable as price Motorola Mobile phones are also in katkan quite diverse kind in Indonesia. Regarding the marketing Infinix select Lazada to be one of its partners in each product marketed most recently they introduced to the Indonesian market.

Except affordable price, Infinix also includes a specification that is mempuni in each series smartphones are marketed in Indonesia as we use a 13 MP camera and 5 MP, and MediaTek MT6592 chipset which in combination with Octa-core CPU 2. 0 GHz and Ram 3GB capacity at Zero Infinix 2 to indeed wear performance in hp mempuat enough it can satisfy each pengunanya.

Unequal Hp Infinix Zero 2 which offer the ability Ram 3GB, the first series of phones Infinix in Indonesia, namely Infinix Hot Note, manufacturer hp this one gave the advantage contained in the battery field as we mentioned above by implanting a battery has a size of 4000 mAh , menariknay not only that, Infinix also includes measuring 5. 5-inch monitor with a resolution of 720p HD, 2GB Ram, MediaTek MT6592 chipset and CPU Octa core 1. 4 GHz. This sort of thing would make this smartphne pefroma of not less than Infinix Zero 2. Well but thought so the info Mobile Price List Infinix of us hopefully can be useful.

Infinix that manufacturers are now being operated in the manufacturing sector of smartphones based on Android. Infinix itself is among the new companies operating in the industrial sector hp smart, but produksnya have enough in common as well known enough to compete with the product in its class, especially for Indonesian market gadgets that never deserted flooded most new gadgets. - Comments: 0

Complete Review Android Nokia 6 - 06 Apr 2017 18:38


Complete Review Android Nokia 6Two years ago when Nokia has been launching Android tablet named N1. These tablets are less in demand on the market, because marketing is only just in China and some other countries. Android tablets have not been able to raise the prestige of Nokia ever torpor after disadarisi Microsoft. Well, apart from the hand after Microsoft and taken over Global HMD, Nokia soon launch Android-based smartphone that is prepared as a first step to return to compete in the smartphone industry.

Armed with Android smartphone called the Nokia 6, the Finnish company that re-try his luck with the fight against a variety of smartphone vendors, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, as well as a variety of other vendors. Smartphone bikinannya have fairly high specs and premium design that does not often possess the smartphone class. There are a variety of advanced features to pamper users of Nokia 6. Then as if the complete specification and what is the real price of the Nokia 6 Android it?

Nokia 6 so Nokia's first Android smartphone launching under the auspices of the Global HMD. These smartphones offer hardware specification, including master, but it feels pretty standard considering the price of the Nokia 6 Android in bandrol USD $ 245 or equivalent to Rp. 3. 2 Millions. The smartphone should use Snapdragon 625 chipset, the Snapdragon 430 is not the first to use redmi 3s and redmi 4. Especially the price of Nokia 6 in bandrol more expensive than redmi 4 which can be obtained at prices below 2 Million.

Commonplace if the price of the Nokia 6 in bandrol exceed 3 Juat Rupiah, the article of this smartphone is claimed to have a high quality material and designed to take a unibody design. Nokia choose 6000 series aluminum material which can be proved so strong and so solid. The body has dimensions of length 154 mm, width of 75. 8 mm, and a thickness of 8 to 4 mm. Although not very thick, but each facet Nokia 6 filled with the scent of luxury. On the front is mounted monitor 5. 5 inches and integrated home button on the fingerprint sensor. Being at the back of the 16 Megapixel resolution camera embedded.

Nokia choose monitor IPS Full HD resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels to produce high-quality monitor that looked sharp from the multiple facets. The monitor has a density of 401 ppi, and is protected arrangement of glass Corning Gorilla Glass 2. 5D. The use of monitors 2. 5D ledges make Nokia 6 looks curved monitor and the monitor bezel looks increasingly thick. Unfortunately at the bottom of the Nokia 6 speckle take USB Type-C port, because is still wearing MicroUSB 2. 0 to tersambungsi to the charger and data cable. - Comments: 0

Price And Spec Of Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5s - 24 Mar 2017 10:27


Price And Spec Of Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5s - Behind the price cheapness Mi5s Xiaomi, unfortunately this smartphone is not yet equipped memory slots ekternal. To store the various files, PAL must utilize the memory of type UFS 2.0 which is claimed to have better performance than memory in General. In addition, there is also a Dual Chanel LPDDR4 Ram capacity of 3 GB or 4 GB ready to optimize performance multitasking smartphone. Then to supply dayangnya, membekalinya with battery capacity Xiaomi 3,200 mAh can be filled very quickly with presence features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

The performance of this smartphone owned jugan very quickly. In fact it could be said that the fastest for now. These capabilities cannot be separated from the use Qualcomm's Snapdragon MSM8996 chipset 821 are interspersed with Quad Core processor 64-Bit Qualcomm. The four core processor is divided into two nuclei, i.e., Dual Core 2.15 Ghz Kryo and Dual Core 1.6 Ghz Kryo. In addition, there is also the 530 Adreno graphics processing performance is maximized by type 530 Adreno graphics processing.

To produce images and video footage with better quality, Xiaomi membekalinya with Sony IMX378 sensor has a resolution of 12 Megapixels with a lens the size of a 1/2.3, 1.55 µm pixel size. The ability of his camera is very good, and guaranteed being able to capture all the moments with the results of the photo sharper, clear, detail, and rich colors. Unfortunately not mentioned the existence of the feature 4-Axis OIS previously patrolled Xiaomi Mi5. However, this smartphone is still unreliable when recording video to the resolution of 4 k (2160 @ 30 fps).

In addition, there are also several supporting features to improve the sharpness of photos and results clarity of video recordings, such as the features of Phase Detection Autofocus and Dual LED Flash Tone. The results of the jepertannya minimal noise, because the camera Xiaomi Mi 5s claimed to be very sensitive to cayaha. Then to the front, this smartphone 4 Megapixel resolution camera relies on offering sensor-sized 1/3″ sensor size, 2 µm pixel size. All of these features will be integrated with the Beutify feature can be used to enhance your photo results selfie with the results of the photo more clear and look natural. - Comments: 0

Latest Information Regarding Price Oppo A35 - 11 Feb 2017 04:24

Tags: a35 android oppo smartphone

Latest Information Regarding Price Oppo A35 - Although the way the concept of the same view with the Samsung Galaxy On7, but the second variant of the Samsung Galaxy On this series has a middling significant difference in their respective specifications. Section of the screen, the Hp Oppo A35 is carrying 5-inch screen, smaller than the Samsung Galaxy On7 that uses 5.5 inch screen. From the size of the screen proved to be smaller, but the type of screen used any money remains the same, namely TFT capacitive screen. For modern device, clear screen that is used by Samsung Galaxy On5 proved a little behind because not a few brands of other devices in the same class has been put on the IPS screen, even AMOLED.

But my friend does not need sad. Although Samsung Galaxy On5 screen specifications, including low, but with its size reaching 5 inches it would certainly give the visual effect of the relief. So, the last device from Samsung is very appropriate for you who proved fond widescreen device. After the display, another hefty specs featured on this device is its machinery system. Same sort of Galaxy On7, smart phone Samsung Galaxy On5 this one still entrusted chipset made by Samsung itself, the Exynos 3475 chipset that brings processor Quad-core 1.3 GHz. - Comments: 0

Complete Review Smartphone Oppo Find 9 - 09 Feb 2017 17:05

Tags: android oppo smartphone

Complete Review Smartphone Oppo Find 9 - Today Samsung released a TFT type screen measuring 5.5 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Hmmm, fixed screen TFT? Yes, the value of visual Hp Oppo Find 9 This proved a little disappointing because the type of screen remain a TFT screen. But do not be pessimistic yet. Although the TFT screen has a weakness in terms of the value of the image, but with a 5.5 inch wide expanse achieve this definitely can be a little treat sadness on the resolution. Then, by way of the Samsung Galaxy On7 capability is also included pretty good.

Section was redone kitchen, Samsung provide this latest device Exynos 3475 chipset with a powerful Quad-core 1.3 GHz. For information, Exynos chipset chipset is made by Samsung itself. Exynos chipset usage on Samsung Galaxy On7 even this also means that Samsung has taken into account the capabilities and performance in an accurate way. Values ​​are pretty good too can also be found on-line gambargrafi where Samsung provide this new device with a duet 13 MP camera and 5 MP. - Comments: 0

Full Review Smartphone Oppo F1s 4GB RAM - 08 Feb 2017 13:19

Tags: android oppo smartphone

Full Review Smartphone Oppo F1s 4GB RAM - Given OnePlus One house of the Snapdragon 801 SoC and comes with 3GB of RAM, we did not experience any lagging or stuttering while using the device. Animations are smooth and we did not experience a slowdown device even open some applications, more than 20 tabs Chrome and so forth. Update we tested it on was Harga Oppo F1s RAM 4GB. As you can see from the score above, One score comparable to that seen on the iPhone 6, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The call quality is quite good in the room and there is no distortion in the earpiece speaker. But when outdoors in the traffic situation, the high volume levels will still not managed to reduce ambient noise. There are many occasions when the phone receives a call to switch to speaker phone and we had to turn it off manually. In OnePlus forum, this is a matter that is being discussed. Hopefully this issue will be discussed in the next system update, although we are not sure if it was a software problem - Comments: 0

Reviews smartphon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - 03 Feb 2017 09:03

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Reviews smartphon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - The black levels are not that great, although there were not any visible backlight bleeding. Reflective surfaces bundled with smudges make dark scenes video viewing has a little problem. Just make sure you have cleaned the screen and does not have a light source behind you while watching the video. Yureka equipped with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. Harga Samsung S7 Edge Shot during the day was good and packed with good detail. We liked the fact that the camera managed to keep under control of chromatic aberrations.

Various filters shot can be accessed by simply swiping across the screen of the camera. AF is a little on the slow side, but it was not a lot of attention. HDR mode tends to wash out the image likable. Noise is visible only on the pixel peeping, although the quality is good enough for sharing online. Shooting in low light is mediocre. Pictures less detail and chroma noise is quite prominent. It supports full HD video shooting and decent output, as long as you are not panning the phone while shooting. The microphone does a great job in sorting out the details of the audio. - Comments: 0

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